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Meet The Team


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Registered Dental Assistant / RDA

Meet Katie, our skilled registered dental assistant who is passionate about health and adventure. When she's not assisting patients in the dental office, you can find her at the gym, kayaking on serene waters, camping under the stars, or gliding through snowy landscapes on cross-country skis.

Her motivation comes from the joy of witnessing people's reactions as they see their smiles transformed or restored to a state they can be proud of.  She thrives on cultivating genuine relationships with her patients, ensuring they feel comfortable and valued.

Outside of work, Katie cherishes time with her dog, Arnold the Shorkie, who brings boundless joy to her everyday life with his playful antics and loyal companionship. With dedication to both oral health and outdoor activities, Katie brings a unique blend of compassion, expertise, and enthusiasm to her role as a dental assistant.


Registered Dental Hygienist / RDH

Meet Emily, our registered dental hygienist who brings her passion for patient care and expertise in dentistry to our practice every day. Beyond her professional commitments, Emily has a diverse range of interests. Her lifelong love for horses led her to horseback riding, where she dedicated herself to nurturing and training her own horse from a foal into a successful competition horse, showcasing her unwavering dedication and patience.

Outside of work and the stables, Emily explores her creative side through yarn crafts and various handmade projects, approaching each endeavor with meticulous attention to detail and precision. This reflects her commitment to excellence in all aspects of her life. What motivates Emily most in her role is witnessing the progress and empowerment of her patients. She finds immense satisfaction in helping patients improve their oral health and overall well-being. Emily's compassionate approach and genuine care have earned her a cherished place as a highly valued member of our dental team.

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Office Manager

Meet Selena, our dedicated Office Manager, who enjoys exploring the outdoors through hiking, fishing, and camping, immersing herself in the beauty of nature. During her downtime, she indulges her creative side with crocheting, reading, and spending time with family and friends. Selena recently completed her Masters in Health Administration and brings valuable experience from her previous role as a registered dental assistant. She is passionate about delivering an exceptional experience and ensuring optimal quality care that enhances patients' overall health and well-being. Her commitment to providing outstanding service goes beyond administrative tasks, as she strives to foster a warm and supportive atmosphere for everyone who visits our clinic.

Apart from her role here, Selena is a certified spin instructor, sharing her enthusiasm for fitness and wellness through dynamic cycling classes. With her adventurous spirit, creative talents, and dedication to patient care, Selena plays a crucial role in making Chappelle Family Dental a place where patients feel cared for and valued every step of the way.


Treatment Coordinator

Meet Schyanne, our Treatment Coordinator. When she's not busy ensuring every patient receives exceptional care, you can find her immersed in her favorite hobbies. Schyanne is a passionate gamer who enjoys playing video games with both friends and family. Her culinary skills shine through her love for cooking, and she finds joy in discovering new recipes. When she needs a break, you might catch her scrolling through TikTok or diving into the imaginative worlds of fantasy books.

What truly motivates Schyanne is the opportunity to work in an environment where she can proudly bring her family and extended family, knowing they'll receive top-notch care from professionals who treat everyone equally. This commitment drives her to advocate passionately for those who have felt mistreated or taken advantage of, ensuring they feel valued and safe at Chappelle Family Dental.

Before joining our team, Schyanne honed her artistic talents as a cake decorator. She can expertly ice and decorate an 8 x 12” sheet cake in under 15 minutes, complete with intricate writing. Schyanne brings a blend of compassion, skill, and creativity to our dental clinic, making her an invaluable member of our team.

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The Hygiene Team at Chappelle Family Dental is a small dedicated team of healthcare professionals that not only provide dental hygiene services, but care about you and your family on a personal level.

The dental hygiene team at Chappelle Family Dental is certified with the College of Registered Dental Hygienists of Alberta. It is important to note that to become a dental hygienist, formal training and a degree or diploma from a certified dental hygiene program is required to become licensed to practice dental hygiene in the Province of Alberta.

Dental hygienists have a strong background in oral anatomy, pharmacology, nutrition, and periodontology. We follow a client-focused philosophy when providing hygiene therapy, by treating periodontal conditions and by promoting dental health and wellness with a strong commitment to excellence.


At Chappelle Family Dental, our dental assistant team is here to provide our patients with a high level of care and attention before, during, and after your treatment. Our dental assistants are multi-skilled health care professionals who possess a diverse knowledge base. Our dental assisting team provides a variety of clinical procedures such as processing x-rays, obtaining preliminary impressions, providing preventative treatments, dental health education, as well as assisting our dentists with numerous dental procedures in a friendly, professional manner. Our dental assistants perform various preventive intra-oral procedures as well as provide our patients with post-treatment care, including temporary crown placement, tooth polishing, placing dental dams, and providing fluoride treatments. Our Dental Assistant team also provides patients with oral health instruction, tips for oral disease prevention, post-operative care instruction, nutritional counselling for oral health, and a variety of other dental education to our patients.

Chappelle Family Dental encourages our dental assisting team to keep their skills up-to-date by engaging in a variety of courses and seminars to learn about new dental technologies and industry regulations. Our dental assistants practice universal precautions and infection control, and their utmost concern is their patient’s well-being and comfort.

Our dental assistant team is an important part of our office, and they ensure that the highest quality of care is provided at every visit. To learn more about the Chappelle Family Dental assisting team, please contact our office today!





The dental administration team at Chappelle Family Dental cares about the experience you have at our office. Our dental administration team also works with you to ensure your appointments are scheduled correctly and handled appropriately.

They also handle financial aspects, including billing patients and insurance companies. In addition to administration skills, dental administrators fully understand dental terminology and dental procedures to record efficiently and report information.

Using strong interpersonal communication skills, our team will help answer all your questions and concerns.

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